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2017 State 4-H Conference
2017 State 4-H Conference
2017 Taos County State 4-H Conference delegates

Our 4-H program provides a creative a supportive environment in which culturally diverse youth and adults can reach their full potential. Our local county program works to develop life skills to help young people become self-directed, productive citizens. We also work to empower adult volunteers who multiply the efforts of our local county Extension staff.

The population of Taos County is growing very rapidly. An influx of people to the county has called attention to the fact that more activities are needed for youth in order to curtail the risk of youth falling prey to gang activity, teen pregnancy, crime and similar "at risk" situations. . In order to prepare all our youth to become knowledgeable, productive citizens, they must possess basic life skills. 4-H is challenged to help youth gain knowledge and skills in consumerism, nutrition, personal development, animal science, plant science, natural science, engineering, and creative arts.

In Taos County during the 2017 year there were 66 4-H volunteer leaders were involved in the 4-H program. The number of 4-H youth between the ages of 5 & 19 during the 2017 year was 134. More volunteers are needed county wide in order to expand the 4-H program to serve the projected increase in population and the diversity of the population. The Overall Extension Advisory Committee has indicated that volunteer recruitment and retention are a high priority.


Starting from the back row left to right is Elizabeth of The Outlaw 4-H Club placed 5th in Public Speaking (Impromptu), Caitlin Adams of the North Taos County Wranglers placed 4th in the Talent Show (Vocal Division) and in the front is Michaela Lewis-Silva placed 2nd in the Talent Show (Poetry Division).

2017 4-H SLR Taos County Delegates
Image of the 2017 SLR Delegates from Taos County
Taos County 4-H Delegates at the 2017 Sr. Leadership Retreat

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2017 State 4-H Youth Get Away
Image of the 2017 YGA participants at the State 4-H Youth Get Away
Taos County 4-Hers at the 2017 State State 4-H Youth Get Away

If you would like to become a 4-H volunteer leader or you were a leader in 2017 and would like to renew your enrollment, contact Monica Wilder of the Taos County Extension Office @ (575) 758-3982.

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